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National ArchivesAs Jeff has reported, this past weekend we had a nice dinner at 701 Restaurant Saturday evening before seeing the adorable and funny Stephen Lynch and the odd and funny Mitch Hedberg at the Warner Theatre. I had left my camera at home, but Jeff brought his and got some nice pictures, including this moody black and white pic of the National Archives.

Earlier last week, on Thursday night, we went to the Kennedy Center. From Jeff’s post beforehand:

Anyway, in other, lighter news: tonight Thom and I are going to the Kennedy Center to “experience another inauguration,” as an advertisement in the Post Express puts it. The National Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Leonard Slatkin, will premiere a new commissioned work by Philip Glass, Symphony No. 7 (A Toltec Symphony). Also on the program are songs from Gustav Mahler’s Des Knaben Wunderhorn, featuring baritone Matthias Goerne. Slatkin and Glass will host a discussion after tonight’s concert (which repeats through Saturday). It should all be cool, but I admit that my initial motivation was the special Express offer for $25 orchestra seats. Nice.

The Glass/Mahler concert was pleasant enough, though I must admit to having some difficulty staying awake; I’d been up very late the night before, since I had Inauguration Day off, but then after getting up Thursday morning to drive Jeff to the Metro I hadn’t gone back to bed. That lack of sleep combined with the hypnotic quality of Glass’s work kept me in a state just this side of consciousness through the performance, though I rallied a bit during the post-concert discussion.

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  1. Speaking of dinner, would you two like to get together with Kat and I soon for dinner? It would have to be in a few weeks because between all of our relatives bd’s and events things are a little nuts.

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