ten-year webiversary

I realized today that it was about ten years ago that I developed my first personal website on the Internet. While my earliest pages–from 1994, hosted at Digex–no longer seem to be available (I can’t locate them in the Internet Archive), in 1995 I moved to my own domain, elfintech.com, and the Internet Archive aka the Wayback Machine has several copies beginning with a version from mid-1996, then titled “The Elfwood.”

2 thoughts on “ten-year webiversary

  1. How very creepy — and useful — to find that someone has archived your websites. I couldn’t find my original site from back in, believe it or not, 1994 — it was plain text with no images, I remember how amazing Mosaic was back then, and my ex set up the whole thing, showing me the magic of the shell account using a terminal program… wow. Times have changed.
    Back then it was ari.net; now we’ve all got our own domains. Heck, I have more than a dozen domains and two webservers of my own. What will we have ten years from now, I wonder?

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