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Friday afternoon, just minutes before the end of the work day, the Internet connectivity at work went down. This morning it was still down–apparently our bureau and one or two others were taken off the Internet because of a suspicion of a trojan horse–but we were told that it would be back up today. Around 11:00, though, we were sent a broadcast email that said that Internet access would be unavailable “indefinitely.” Within a few minutes after that, but completely unrelated, the power went out and we didn’t even have computer access at all, much less to the Internet. An hour and a half later, just ten minutes before the director was due to decide whether to just send us all home for the day, the power came back on. The Internet connectivity, though, never was re-established, making this the longest day I’ve spent at work in a long time: no Flickr, no blogging, no reading blogs, no last-minute Christmas shopping online, no checking my email. And after work I had an appointment downtown for a haircut, after which Jeff and I planned to have dinner, so I’m only just now finally getting to the net for the first time in 14 hours.

[pleasurable sigh]

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