recursive writing

With a boyfriend who shares the same hobbies of blogging and photography, I’m beginning to feel like one of those computer images of a computer on the screen of which is the image of a computer on the screen of which is the image of a computer, ad infinitum, or one of those mirrors that contain a reflection of itself reflecting itself, and so on.

Since discovering the Flickr online photography site and community, I’ve become newly obsessed with photography and my new digital camera, and Jeff’s interest also has been renewed. Last night, as he writes, found us photo-documenting his pumpkin-apple muffin-baking endeavor. By the end of the process, when the muffins were ready to eat, we spent more time photographing them than actually eating, to the point where we were taking pictures of each other taking pictures. And now I’m writing about a post of Jeff’s in which he wrote about a picture I’d taken of him taking a picture of the muffins about which we’re writing. I think I’ve just ripped the fabric of space-time, or at least soiled it.

Below, Jeff’s photo of his muffin, with me in the background adjusting the settings on my camera, and below that my picture of Jeff taking a picture of his muffin.

A muffin, with me in the background fiddling with my camera
Jeff takes a picture of a muffin

The muffins, by the way, were delicious. The recipe is available from