feeling moved

While the rest of the DC area was enjoying the gorgeous warm weather, driving out to the mountains to see the peak autumn foliage, attending Halloween parties, or taking part in the Marine Corps Marathon this past weekend, Jeff and I were busy moving the final remaining items from his old apartment (while we’d been living together the past year, he’d continued to pay rent on his studio apartment downtown) to the Arlington condo.

Whew. Thank goodness he only had a studio apartment, because this was an exhausting endeavor. To be fair, though, the only thing that didn’t go particularly well, as Jeff notes, was moving the single substantial piece of furniture, a loveseat that converts to a twin sleeper. Convertible furniture tends to be pretty heavy, and even though as a loveseat/twin bed this was on the smaller side, neither Jeff nor I are particularly large or muscular, and negotiating hallway turns, doorways and elevators was neither easy nor fun. Jeff had rented a van specifically for the sleeper, and our plan was to drop it off at Goodwill near the condo after unloading the other stuff; it was only once we were at Goodwill that we found out that they don’t accept convertible sofas, so we had to take it back to my place and move it upstairs, which was not the highpoint of the day, believe me. While getting it into the condo building from the street seemed nearly impossible–and admittedly my soured mood at the moment didn’t help–fortunately it then fit easily into the elevator and through the condo door. Unfortunately, we hadn’t planned to have to bring it here, and don’t really have space for it, so for now it’s lying on its side sandwiched between the existing furniture and the boxes from the apartment.

Right now our living room and bedroom look like the aftermath of a natural disaster. It’s surprising, given the obsession I have with my new camera, that I didn’t take any pictures of the mess in the living room last night, but I may have been too close to it at the time to even think about it any longer, much less memorialize it. However, a day away from it I’m feeling physically stiff and sore but much more sanguine about the mess, so I’ll probably take some photos this evening.

Jeff in his empty (soon-to-be-former) apartmentIn the meantime, here’s a pic of Jeff standing in the middle of his nearly empty old apartment just before we carried the final load of stuff down to the van.

N.B.: Jeff did most of the work, while I did most of the complaining. I only pitched in for a few hours on Sunday to help move the loveseat and a few remaining boxes, and to drive him over to his place and back on Saturday whereas he gave up his Saturday to continue boxing up stuff while I played with my new camera. He also drove the rental van on Sunday, a generally frustrating and sometimes terrifying proposition given the idiocy of Washington-area drivers and the significant road closures occasioned by the Marine Corps Marathon that same day.