jesus saves… you cash on your refinance

What is it with the influx of Christian-focused spam I’ve been seeing in my inbox recently? I’m getting flooded with information about Christian online dating services and Christian mortgage companies, among others. Today, for example, an email with the subject line “Jesus Loves You. Refinance Now” informs me that, “Your Leading Advisor With Biblical Values” and “based on Christian lending principles” (pay no attention to the usurer behind the curtain), can show me “the Way!” (exclamation point theirs), while uses images of a cross and an open bible as part of its promise to help me settle my debt for up to 70% less of what I owe–oh, and they like those exclamation points too–as there’s apparently nothing quite so Christian, after all, as trying to get out of paying people only 3 out of every 10 dollars I owe them. Well, at least it makes tithing much less onerous.

Some days the emails from these “Christian” sources is second in volume only to the porn spam (addendum: oh, and also subordinate to the pharmaceutical spams)–and no more welcome.

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