“compassionate” conservatism on display

Conservative site Lucianne.com posted a link to a news article about President Clinton’s bypass surgery. Many of the responses exhibit a truly horrific degree of hatred and inhumanity. Some of the worst examples:

I at least hope he lives long enough to see JFK AND Hildabeast go down in flames. Then he can go down in flames, metaphorically speaking.

I hope his big honkin’ bible is printed on asbestos so he can carry it with him.

sorry, I cant muster any sympathy. I’d feel the same if they said Saddam was gettin [sic] bypass surgery. It’s a waste of time and money.

My prayers are for all those he lied to, hurt, and misused.

I wonder if this is heart damage from snorting cocaine.

Where can I send a happy meal?

Do us all a favor, Clinton. Take herself with you!


No, I take that back….I’m not sorry…Take McAuliffe, too.

I TRULY hope he doesn’t die the ignominious death he has earned for himself! The death of the very first elected president to be IMPEACHED!

That’s really too bad. I feel sorry for those with heart problems. Say hi to your friend Vince on your way down. I understand he’s still in the waiting area.

Right on #56! I think of this waste of human life not as a past president (and I use that term loosely), but as a lying, self-centered trader [sic] that the United States and world will be better off without. By the way, how’s Carter’s health?

It is going to be a wonderful weekend.

Fair enough… I won’t however wish Saddam, Castro, and their ilk the best of wishes for a speedy recovery when feeling poorly. I’m sorry, but I think of Clinton as just another Communist and rapist with blood on his hands.

forgive me…I do wish him well…In the w(h)ell that the traitor deserves. That includes his waterboy Kerry, too

The Clinton’s [sic] have earned our cynacism [sic]. In fact, the timing of this ‘heart’ problem so close to the Republican convention is sure to be suspect.

There is nothing wrong with denouncing an utterly corrupt traitor who severely damaged our country, even when he is sick. Would we praise Hitler or Stalin on their deathbeds, or wish them well. The faster bubba clintoon goes to Hell the better off this country will be, so I’m rooting for that much sooner than later.

Considering that Clinton is a viscous [sic]professional con man, why should anyone believe this story? Do you not think that this story is a sympathy ploy (the con artist’s favorite ploy) done because Kerry is tanking?

[Via AndrewSullivan.com]

3 thoughts on ““compassionate” conservatism on display

  1. Wow… that’s just fucked up! That’s like the über-lefties cheering when Reagan died, which I also had a problem with.
    If people want to call him a terrible leader, fine, but cripes, a human life is the issue. These are probably the same people who shout “pro-life” and go bombing abortion clinics.
    (I’m done with the soapbox now.)

  2. I don’t believe these are real quotes.
    Just like when AP reported that the convention hall Booed when President Bush suggested they pray for Clinton and his surgery. It NEVER happened. They actually issued a retraction … AFTER the damage was done.
    Now we’ve got the dems forging documents.
    It’s not about honesty or integrity, it’s about doing whatever it takes to get Kerry elected. Yuck.
    This shit makes me sick.

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