fighting crime… while looking fabulous

One advantage to having a blogging boyfriend is that it often saves lazy me the trouble of having to post about shared activities, as I can just point directly to his entries, especially since for several months he’s been fufilling an admirable aim to post daily while I, on the other hand, continue to post less frequently and less regularly, and to fall way behind on reading other blogs.

I’m not altogether sure why that is, though I recognize a number of potential contributing factors. Truly, I feel that I rarely have something new or insightful to say. Life also is going reasonably well, so for a change there’s little of the drama or crisis–thankfully–that can make personal journals interesting; work, on the other hand, continues to be stressful and largely emotionally unfulfilling, but now that that’s a given, what more is there to say about it, really? Also, I’ve become distracted by a new MMORPG–City of Heroes–and am acting out simultaneously the heroic and violent aspects of my psyche.

Given my track record (with Everquest, Dark Ages of Camelot, The Sims Online, and There, to name a few), after a couple of weeks or months of overdosing on the game I’ll likely drop it entirely, but for now I’m engrossed at creating new–and ever sexier–superheroes (as I read somewhere else online, the visual character creation aspect alone is a gay man’s wet dream, as you are able to customize with an amazing array of options extraordinarily lithe and/or muscular spandex-clad–or even bare- and barrel-chested–comic book heroes) and then launching them into the streets of Paragon City to do their part in saving the populace from an increasingly powerful array of evildoers and miscreants.

I’ve begun to think of the stable of superheroes I’ve created rather as superqueeroes, giving them back-stories and a creation mythos in tune with queer identities, and have even discovered that another server (other than the one on which I’d already created my highest-level characters, unfortunately) already hosts an all-gay SuperGroup (the game’s equivalent of the Justice League or the X-Men) called, I kid you not, Rough Trade. “Flame on!” indeed.

4 thoughts on “fighting crime… while looking fabulous

  1. I’m loving my new computer game Age of Mythology. I’d recommend it if you didn’t already have your hands full 🙂

  2. Thom, I’m totally there with you about having a boyfriend who blogs. Unforunately, instead of being distracted by homoerotic video games, I’m consumed by my job (which isn’t leaving as much time for the boyfriend either).

  3. CoH rocks. Never been much of a gamer, but I have been following the development of this game for over a year, waiting and waiting for its release. The game has even interfered with my porn collecting.

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