and they even spelled my name correctly

Check out today’s Online Diary column about Dude, Check This Out (the second item covered in the column) in The New York Times. Yes, that’s me quoted therein:

Thom Watson, a technology manager in Washington, is an experienced blogger who longed for a better way to keep track of notable sites. “I keep my blog mostly for personal thoughts,” he said. “I wanted a really easy way to collect links by topic and comment on them.”

Mr. Watson now maintains three MyBlog pages, on general topics, modern architecture and the Toyota Prius. Better yet, the service sends him suggestions on sites of potential interest based on similarities between his postings and those on other MyBlogs. There’s even a social-networking aspect that links users based on their contact lists.

I was interviewed about a week ago for the column; apparently one of the founders of the site told the reporter that I was one of their most active users and suggested that she speak with me. The quote in the first paragraph really was meant to distinguish between my more customizable use of Movable Type for personal blogging and my freeform quicklink blogging, for which I use Dude, rather than to describe Dude as the place I go to for the former. Also, one of my three (now four, actually; I’ve started a new quicklinks blog about gaming since the interview) Dude blogs mentioned is really focused on mid-century modern style, of which modern architecture is just one facet. Minor quibbles, though, and overall I’m tickled to have been quoted.

[Update: Turns out that my boyfriend beat me by a few minutes in detailing my moment of Times-related fame. Our synchronicity never fails to amaze and amuse me.]

[Further update: BoingBoing also noted today’s mention in the Times–Cory is a former colleague of the Dude guys–keeping the paragraphs with my quotes intact.]

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