yet another reason to hate fox

Jeff and I have been following the terrific new series Wonderfalls from its first airing; a darling of the critics, too, the show was everything that network television usually is not: charming, smart, witty, funny, human and so wonderfully quirky. We loved it. In fact, I turned to Jeff after the first episode and said, “It’s too good, and I love it too much; it’s bound to fail.”

And Gene said much the same thing when he blogged about it last week: “[I]t’s on Fox, and I feel certain that they will not give it the attention it deserves. It’ll probably go the way of Futurama, another brilliant gem that got the Fox treatment.”

Sadly, we were all right, and oh too soon. As [my] Jeff told me earlier this evening, and as [the other] Jeff just reported in his journal, the show has been cancelled, effective immediately. Sigh.

Thirteen episodes have been produced, but only four have been aired. And that’s all we’ll see, unless the brilliant folks responsible for it are able to get them aired elsewhere or, more unlikely, get a DVD released. I’m wishing them success.

Fox so sucks, and not in a good way. Thank goodness for HBO, Showtime and the other satellite/cable channels, where intelligent and even provocative programming can find a home; network television is almost entirely superfluous in our home.

3 thoughts on “yet another reason to hate fox

  1. Holy SHIT.
    I can’t believe that this show was cancelled so QUICKLY.
    A new low by Fox.
    I’m practically speechless.

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