If you only read the RSS feed of elf-reflection, you may not be aware of my other blog pursuits, the “quicklinks” I maintain separately of cool, unusual, topical or otherwise interesting links I come across during my surfing. The first one of these secondary blogs, serendipity :: a journey of elf-discovery, XML is the catch-all site for the bulk of these links. Two others are devoted to more narrow topics: the Prius blog XML aggregates links to articles and discussion about the Toyota Prius hybrid, while sputnik :: atomic age style in a quantum world XML, the newest at just a day old, is a repository of links to sites and resources about atomic age, retro, midcentury modern and other related modern and contemporary style, architecture and design.

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  1. Good news!!

    Employees are protected from discrimination based on their sexual orientation, the White House says.
    The White House position, made in a March 31 statement to Federal Times, appears to contradict recent statements by President Bush

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