hair do or hair don’t?

This evening I have an appointment to get my hair cut. My last haircut was January 3, when I used the Grooming Lounge gift certificate Jeff had given me for Christmas. And even then I didn’t get my hair cut very short, so it has continued to get rather shaggy and curly. The Bozo bits on the side are really starting to drive me crazy.

However, I can’t decide whether to just get it trimmed and keep it longer and curly–which is a little more frustrating for me in terms of the manageability, but at the same time prompts quite a few compliments from my co-workers–or get it cut really pretty short like I wore it as recently as last summer (like the pix from 2003 and 2000 at the bottom of my stats page). With the current style, a few weeks ago Jeff and I had mused, and today my boss’s boss said much the same thing, that I look like I should be wearing a houndshair jacket with elbow patches, carrying a pipe and teaching creative writing at a small New England liberal college.

I don’t know if I had any pix of me with this longer hair online, but as I was checking, I discovered that the site I was using to store all my online photos (hundreds of them, captioned and arranged into albums)––apparently has deleted them all anyway, with no warning and no explanation. Sometimes I feel like Bad-Luck Schleprock. Cornelia has some online from our dinner together, but in them I’m always inadvertently situated so that my head is against a dark background, making it impossible to see my hair.

3 thoughts on “hair do or hair don’t?

  1. January?!
    Holy crap — I can’t stand it if I don’t have my hair cut every month, sometimes more often. Right now, I’m sitting here feeling vaguely uncomfortable ’cause my hair is just 3 millimeters too long.

  2. Keep it a little longer. Then if you decide later on that you want it shorter you can always cut it later on when it gets warmer outside.

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