end of the century

Another television show to get the axe this past week was CBS’s legal drama set in 2030, Century City, which wasn’t really all that good, to be honest. I watched it anyway for its mild sf-genreish components, but mostly because of the delightfully adorable Ioan Gruffudd and swarthily hunky Nestor Carbonell.

4 thoughts on “end of the century

  1. And what about the even cuter Hector Elizondo? (WOOF!!) Now that I have seen the website…
    bears, glorious bears
    PS: How is your health? Better I hope?

  2. I watched one episode of this, and yeah, it wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. I still have two more on my TiVo, which I haven’t watched and would gladly trade for two new episodes of “Wonderfalls.”

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