tooning my car

Today on Rebel Prince, Jeff writes about cartoonist William Haefeli, pointing out some of his gay-themed ‘toons available at the New Yorker‘s Cartoon Bank, a great resource for framed and matted prints, original art and other gifts based on the cover art and cartoons from the magazine.

I’m a fan of Haefeli as well, but my very favorite New Yorker cartoonist of all time has to be Roz Chast, whose shaky drawings based on wry and witty plays on word and turns of phrase, along with the occasional trigonometric alien mother, grim reaper or scary blank-eyed circus clown, often find me very nearly literally rolling on the floor laughing. I have, in fact, fallen out of bed from laughing so hard at some collected Chast cartoons.

One recent cartoon that had both of us chuckling was “The Pessimist and the Paranoid,” in which the pessimist unsurprisingly suggests that the glass is half-empty, while the paranoid, wringing her hands, worries that “That glass is too close to the edge of the table! It’s going to fall and break and somebody’s going to step on the shards and get hurt! What is that liquid, anyway? Something hideously caustic, no doubt.”

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  1. Hee! When I wrote about Haefeli this morning, I was gonna mention Chast too, but didn’t get to it. Ah, what a team we are.

  2. Roz Chast, observer of neuroses

    Today’s Times has a short article on cartoonist Roz Chast, whose work Thom and I look forward to seeing each week in The New Yorker (“Another Cartoon Canvas of Neurotic New York”). Her newest collection of cartoons was published last…

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