outing myself–as a blogger

Today during my departmental staff meeting with my boss and her direct reports, our librarian talked about an upcoming conference she’ll be attending on libraries and computing; she noted that there was going to be a session on “blogging,” and that she hadn’t known previously what that was. So I ended up defining and describing blogging, and at the same time acknowledging my own experience as a blogger. So it will be interesting to see if any of my colleagues end up searching for, finding and reading elf-reflection, something I first mused about last May and after which I’ve realized that–although I thought I would not–I have occasionally censored myself when writing about my job and my co-workers, just as I’ve probably left some relationship musings unblogged now that I’m partnered with a fellow blogger. The latter, especially, I find intriguing to ponder. There’s nothing in that category I haven’t shared directly with Jeff, but some of the details of my–now our–private life now feel less solely mine to divulge, and certainly less anonymous, since the man in my life has an online face, name and identity of his own.