just show the steak a picture of a grill

Both Jeff and Cornelia already have reported on our dinner together last night, though I did at least beat them to the punch in getting a few pictures from the evening uploaded before I went to bed.

Dinner was great. Annie’s is loud, crowded and smoky, yes, and the music selection last night was a little strange, but I haven’t had as good a filet mignon in quite a while. “Medium,” “medium” and “medium-well” (I guess I love you anyway, dear, despite the sacrilege) were the first three responses as our server, “211 Scott,” asked around the table before getting to me–Tre being oddly mute all evening–when I exclaimed “just as rare as you’re willing to let it go,” whereupon Jeff added on my behalf “as rare as legally possible.” And it was deliciously red throughout (if not, unfortunately, as rare as I’d cook it on my own) yet simultaneously melting–like buttah–in my mouth. Really, really superb.

And since the restaurant was observing the Dining Out for Life event, we did good while eating well, since the restaurant would be contributing half of our total bill to Food and Friends, to help feed people living with life-challenging illnesses.

And Cornelia and Kat. Wow, what a cute, lovable, sweet pair. As I noted in a comment on Cornelia’s post, while Jeff and I are relative newlycan’tbeweds, the two of them have been together over 6 years, yet are still openly affectionate. It’s so wonderful to see. Moreover, conversation was easy and fun (though I suspect we irritated the hell out of the surrounding tables as we got a little flash-happy with the cameras), and the evening was a wonderful success. I really want to spend more time with the two of them.

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  1. Food and friends

    Yesterday was Dining Out for Life, in which participating restaurants give a portion of the bill to Food and Friends, so I had lunch and dinner out. Eating for a good cause: I’m down with that. My co-workers and I…

  2. Good times indeed. And re: the sacrilegious “medium-well”… it was still too pink. I’ll order “well-done” next time just to watch you cringe.

  3. We simply must go to Annie’s again sometime, my cub and I. We have not been there together, but we have both been there in the past.

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