insert “eating out” joke here

As Jeff noted last week and Cornelia followed up yesterday, tomorrow is the DC area’s Dining Out for Life event, in which a number of local restaurants will donate between 25% and 100% of their meal proceeds to Food & Friends, which “prepares and delivers meals and groceries to nearly 1,000 people living with HIV/AIDS and other life-challenging illnesses such as breast, lung and colon cancer” (and for which I used to volunteer when I worked downtown; I need to look into doing so again here in northern Virginia).

Jeff and I will be meeting Cornelia and her partner, Kat, for dinner at Annie’s Paramount Steakhouse, a DC institution popular among the local queer community. Cornelia’s bringing her camera, and I need to try to remember to take mine, too; I just wish I’d been able to get a haircut recently, so I didn’t look so Bozo-the-clown shaggy.

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