the sound of silence

This morning, I cancelled my subscription to audblog. They only bill every three months, so I tend to forget about them until I’m surprised by a PayPal receipt, one of which came last week. Granted, it’s only $3/month, but my last audio post was in October and I’ve only posted a half dozen altogether, while no one among the couple hundred blogs I follow regularly has used the service in quite a while, either. And I never really found the right application for audio posts; I usually wrote them out beforehand, so I wouldn’t sound like a complete idiot and usually transcribed them in the end, anyway, so effectively they were just like my other written posts.

2 thoughts on “the sound of silence

  1. I hear ya… so to speak. I thought audblog would be my outlet for some periodic public-radio-like entries, but it’s just not the most efficient tool for that. And I never really got in the habit of whipping the cell phone out while in the field, for “here I am at…” location-type entries, either. Maybe I’ll get around to canceling my subscription. Eventually.

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