in the apple

We’re here in NYC. Originally scheduled for a 9:00 Peter Pan bus, we got to the bus station at 8, and were able to use our tickets for seats on a Greyhound that was just leaving, so we ended up in the city an hour early. We checked in at the hotel (though we had a bit of a mixup with the room type; I had reserved a penthouse room and they put us in a “deluxe,” actually a little larger, but on a lower floor where we could hear people walking around above us, with a shower and no tub, and no terrace access; we did end up moving to a penthouse room, which is much quieter if teensy tiny). We’ve had lunch at a little hole in the wall cafe directly across the street, and just stopped by the hotel mezzanine where espresso drinks, coffee and tea are complementary 24 hours a day (nice, since the in-room bottles of Evian are $4.00 each), and have stopped briefly in the business center, with free 24-hour Internet access so of course I had to post (we also saw some wireless access points by the elevator, but hadn’t ended up bringing along either laptop); I’ll also be able to transfer my photos here and email them to myself, something I was worried about since I only have a single 32-Mb Memory Stick in the camera, which tops out at around 30 photos or so at high resolution.

We’re about to head back up to the room for a brief lie-down, and then we’re off to some galleries before seeing Rufus tonight.

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