a present for leap day

When I got home from work this afternoon, before I went to pick Jeff up at the Metro I called my mother to see how she’s doing. After we chatted about some other things, she asked whether I’d heard anything about my car, so I told her about Jay having gotten a Prius just last week, despite only having ordered it two to three weeks earlier. I also noted that I’d spoken to my dealer after that, and had been told that a shipment of 300 (for the entire mid-Atlantic region) was expected soon, but that they didn’t yet know what their specific allocation would be; however, he went on to tell me that someone who ordered a car two weeks before I did was getting his next (meaning this) week, so that he was hopeful I’d be getting one this month.

While I was explaining this to Mom, the call waiting beeped. I looked at the caller ID to see “Alexandria Toyota,” so I told Mom that I’d call her right back. My salesman, Sam, told me that my car–a silver (my first choice), fully-loaded Prius–is on a ship due to dock in New York on February 19, and should be here in Virginia a week or so later, depending on weather and other vagaries. I’ll likely have my new car more or less around the 29th day of February. Keep your fingers crossed.

What a nice ending to what has been a rather rocky week (though with another wonderful high point Wednesday evening, to be sure).

Jeff called a few minutes later to let me know he was a little early at the Metro station so had gone inside to Borders, and I suggested we have dinner at the CPK next to the bookstore. When I got to the mall, I said, “We’re leaving New York on the 16th; guess who’s arriving there on the 19th?” When he answered, “I don’t know… who?” I practically shrieked giddily in reply, “It doesn’t have a name yet, but it’s my Prius!”

Yay! I’m so excited. And now I need to come up with a name for the forthcoming four-wheeled addition to the family.

4 thoughts on “a present for leap day

  1. Owing to the firm but feminine voice that tells me in no uncertain terms that I MUST “turn right, then the freeway is on the right,” I’ve named my Prius after the Shrew, Kate.
    I noticed ads on the net tonight touting “special savings” at Toyota dealers and featuring a picture of the Prius. You might want to innocently inquire at Alexandria Toyota about those special savings… and mention that as a TWO TIME early adopter of the Prius, *I* wouldn’t mind a little rebate check.

  2. Cornelia: What do you and Kat call your car?
    I’d been thinking about trying to find something from mythology–perhaps a god or goddess of the (clean) air or the earth–or something to do with the color green (for the ecological connotation, since my Prius actually will be silver).
    With our upcoming theater trip to New York on my mind, I’ve been thinking about calling the car “Elphaba,” the misunderstood, green Wicked witch. It has the bonus of having the sound “elf” in it, as well.

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