a marriage issue of convenience

OK, gay Republicans, the gauntlet has been thrown… your man has decided that “if necessary” means “now.” The press is reporting this morning that Bush has decided to endorse a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. So what are you going to do now, Log Cabin? That “seat at the table” you kept crowing about turns out to have been nothing more than a bowl on the floor, empty even of scraps.

The Washington Post reports that “Republican officials said Bush’s decision to proceed now was driven partly by his desire to start the general election campaign on a fresh issue, at a time when his credibility has been battered by questions about prewar warnings of unconventional weapons in Iraq, as well as doubts raised by Democrats about his National Guard service.”

Well, isn’t that great. They’ve finally realized, as Bush’s ratings slip, that the public is wising up to his shortcomings as a self-described “war president,” so they’re going to scapegoat gays and lesbians. Gay marriage will be the “fresh issue” they hope to use to divert the public’s attention back away from Bush’s miserable showing on the economy, the failure of his nationbuilding in Iraq, his unprecedented profligacy in terms of federal spending, his pandering to big business and anti-environment concerns… the list goes on.

Can’t find a job? Worried about your children’s future in a world of massive debt? Disgusted by the ever-increasing toll on human life and funnelling of U.S. billions to Halliburton caused by the situation in Iraq? Don’t worry. Be happy. You’re better than those nasty queers, after all. Stick it to them, and everything else will turn out all right, doncha know?

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  1. You have any links for that? I looked around online and couldn’t find any information confirming it. Of course, I didn’t check your source… *doh* Just realized that.
    I find it odd that Andrew Sullivan hasn’t commented on it yet. Maybe the news will hit the press tomorrow…

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