you’re dismissed

OPM finally has decided to dismiss Washington-area federal employees three hours early today, just in time for the new round of freezing rain, sleet and snow expected this afternoon and evening. Actually, the OPM web site has yet to update the official operating status [update: it has since been updated], though we’ve gotten word from within the Department; the Washington Post and other local media, as well, have been reporting the early dismissal for nearly the last hour, meaning that most of that time the contractors have been sitting around surfing and constantly reloading the OPM page, or coming up here to ask me, such that little work probably has been done (to be fair, it was lunch time for many of them).

So that means I’ll officially be off work at 2:15, though I’ll likely stick around a bit. Jeff’s office is closing at 3, but he’ll then have to take the Metro with all the other tens of thousands of commuters let go at the same time, so it may be a lengthier commute for him than usual; rather than picking him up at the usual time, I just told him to give me a call from the mall when he gets there and I’ll come pick him up at that point (the Pentagon City mall is only about a mile and a half away from the condo).

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