the force is with me

Last night I started playing the LucasArts/Bioware RPG set in the Star Wars universe, “Knights of the Old Republic.” Wow! I’m just barely into the game, which has received multiple awards for game of the year for 2003, and I’m so hooked on it already. The voice acting is incredible, and the storyline seems well-written and engaging.

Carth Onasi, the man of my character’s dreams.

2 thoughts on “the force is with me

  1. Fortunately it didn’t turn him into an xboyfriend.
    I do see the potential to have issues with the game vis a vis paying sufficient attention to the relationship, especially knowing my history with addictive gaming behavior (a behavior and hobby I’d largely set aside since Jeff and I started dating). But he had wanted some time back at his apartment downtown this weekend anyway, and had to work yesterday while I had the day off, so I took advantage of those opportunities to play KOTOR, almost not even stopping to eat, pee or sleep.
    But I have to try to manage my time with it better now that he’s back home with me. I wasn’t entirely successful with that last night, though I didn’t feel so bad about it since much of the time he was napping off the effects of his Johnny Rockets burger and onion rings (see his comment to this post).
    On the other hand, I’m getting a bit annoyed with Bastila trying to develop a romantic relationship with my character, and wish that cutie Carth (even if he is a bit of a whiner) would see that he’s the one I really want.

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