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Jeff and I have been planning to take a long Valentine’s weekend (which turns out to be President’s Day weekend as well, a Monday holiday for me) trip to Manhattan, and today we finally got around to doing more than talking about it.

Jeff already had tickets to see the Rufus Wainwright concert that weekend, and even now he’s plotting out the other shows we hope to see while there: Avenue Q definitely, and probably one or two others from among Wicked (the cast recording to which I downloaded this evening from iTunes, and we’re listening to it right now), The Boy From Oz and Rent. I had really wanted to see Take Me Out, but it seems to have closed its run at the Walter Kerr Theater.

For now, I’ve made reservations for us at the Roger Williams, just so we’ll be sure to have a place to stay that holiday weekend. We may try to stay at either the Inn on 23rd or the Abingdon Guest House, more in the heart of things in Chelsea and the West Village, respectively, but unlike hotels these bed and breakfasts require a four-night minimum advance reservation. Since we’re only planning to stay three nights, we’ll have to wait until closer to the date to see if they still have rooms available and would be willing to accommodate a shorter stay.

We’re also hoping to meet some of the New York bloggers for a drink (like Tin Man, Matt and Mike, such the cuties), though since both Faustus and I now have boyfriends (his and mine), I suppose I’ll be foregoing the free sex offered in exchange for the donation I made to the Generator Theatre last July. Just as well, since the 26-year-old keeps me pretty worn out anyway.

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  1. Drinks are always lovely with good company.
    Faustus does now have a bit of a truth-in-advertising problem vis-a-vis the Generator, doesn’t he? Oh well — as I’m not a top, I have no business complaining.

  2. Defying gravity

    This morning I get in the car and wonder aloud, are there no positive songs about Mondays? “Monday Monday.” “Manic Monday.” “Rainy Days and Mondays.” It’s a miracle we get out of bed at all. Okay, so it’s not that…

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