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The list of DC metro area gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, etc. blogs and journals has been updated; in the past two weeks I’ve identified another few couple dozen or so entries, for a current total of 75 76 93 94, and this evening I also added links to the XML/RSS feeds for the more than two-thirds for which I could locate them.

P.S. And if you don’t yet have an RSS feed, you should, if possible. All LiveJournal users automatically have an RSS feed at http://www.livejournal.com/users/username/data/rss and it’s incredibly easy to generate one for Movable Type as well by just creating a new index file (and you can just cut and paste the RSS 2.0 template available on the Movable Type site after you choose “Create new index template” from your Movable Type “Templates” tab).

For my own part, these days I follow so many blogs that I find it much easier to use an RSS aggregator to keep up with them (my favorite right now is Bloglines, which runs in the web browser, so doesn’t require a separate executable to be installed, which means I can even use it at work on my government computer); for blogs without RSS feeds that I can’t readily follow in the aggregator, I often don’t get around to them for days at a time, if at all.

By the way, Scriptygoddess has a nice primer (from early last year, so not all the included links work, but the underlying information is still valid) on How to’s: What is XML? And What is RSS? Why Do I Want It Anyways?