After a quiet two days at home recovering from some sort of mild bug–affecting stomach, gut and sinuses–I was really feeling stir crazy, so yesterday Jeff and I went out for a very late lunch and some shopping at Bailey’s Crossroads. We strolled through Storehouse Furniture, where Jeff remarked–and I agreed–how nice it is that we seem to share a decorating aesthetic and tend to appreciate the same styles and colors.

We then hit Staples, where the technology displays whetted our appetites such that we decided to go to Circuit City, where we drooled over the televisions, LCD monitors, PocketPCs and iPods, among other gadgetry, as I continued to try to decide upon a replacement for the ailing Toshiba projection TV.

Afterwards, we made it to Marshalls just as they were coming to close the doors, but still managed to squeeze out 15 minutes inside, where Jeff eventually left with a great deal on a beautiful Kenneth Cole briefcase/shoulder bag.

The only store still open by then was Borders, for which I had a 10% coupon, on the basis of which we went on quite a spending spree. I bought two DVD collections–the extended version of The Two Towers and the four-disc set of the Indiana Jones films and bonus material–as well as five books and three boxes of greeting cards, while Jeff bought Madeleine Albright’s autobiography and a couple of nice calendars. We also spent some time browsing the children’s and young adult section, and reminiscing; I still think some of the most innovative and intelligent fiction unfortunately is classified as “juvenile,” tending to make it less desirable and/or accessible to adults.

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  1. Glad you’re over the mild bug going around. My girlfriend has been sick all weekend, and she seems to be getting worse. ::sigh:: Anyway, both of those DVD collections are on my Christmas list! Sounds like you guys had a wonderful day. =)

  2. Tre: Here at work there’s also been something going around; I seemed to have been the least affected by it, losing only one day of work and not even feeling all that bad on Saturday. One co-worker was sick all the previous weekend and a couple of days the following week, while my boss was sick all this past weekend and Monday.
    Cornelia: Now that Jeff’s finished his Portuguese class, he might have more time for reading. For a while there he’d been really falling behind in keeping up with his stack of books, so I wouldn’t have had much confidence that I’d be telling you much about the Albright biography for quite a while.

  3. Friday Five: Buy the buy

    1. Do you like to shop? Why or why not? Of course I do, silly. Well, to be honest, it depends. Once in a while I’m just not in the mood to spend hours on my feet, flitting from store…

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