friday five: buy and bye

Well, I haven’t done one of these in a while, but today’s seemed particularly apropos.

1. Do you like to shop? Why or why not?
Yes, I have the shopping gene, though I do find that I tire much more readily now than I used to. And my sister puts me to shame. She’s never forgiven me for the time two years ago that she and some other family members came up to the DC area to shop at Value City. I didn’t realize when they came with a map to all seven (relatively) local locations that they truly intended to visit all seven; after spending several hours just getting to and shopping at the first two, I pleaded hunger and cut the buying short for the day. She brings this up every time we’re together.

She and my mom also are QVC junkies; I don’t ever expect to go that far, though my one-time eBay addiction came close.

I generally really enjoy shopping with Jeff. Our tastes in most things as well as our preferred stores are so similar that it’s rarely a burden to shop with him, though I have to admit that I’ve never known anyone who could spend that much time at the Gap; there have been times that I’ve gotten rather bored and tired waiting for him to try on every piece of outerwear in the store.

2. What was the last thing you purchased?
Earlier today Mom and I went to Wal-Mart to pick up some things for decorating my sister’s house for Christmas (the trees–yes, plural; in addition to the 10-foot one in the great room, she has six others in her house and on her porch–already were up and waiting for me to arrive to help decorate them); I bought some soda, which like most food products is significantly less expensive here than back in DC; the Finding Nemo, Matrix: Revolution, and Bend It Like Beckham DVDs on sale; and three computer games, also on sale.

While that would have been my most recent purchase, I then came home tonight and took advantage of Apple’s one-day only 10% sale on iPods and accessories, and finally bought myself an iPod (thanks, Gene).

3. Do you prefer shopping online or at an actual store? Why?
Unlike Jeff, I do a great deal of online purchasing. As much as I love going to brick and mortar stores, I tend mostly to window shop in person. But I’ve bought just about everything online: from the usual books, airplane tickets, music and tickets even to such items as widescreen TV, my computer and even my refrigerator. As I noted above, I just ordered an iPod online. And I’ve bought a fair amount of stuff, particularly collectibles but even shoes and other clothing, from eBay over the years.

I tend to believe that I can find better deals online, and especially in terms of comparison shopping, which is just so easy to do on the web.

4. Did you get an allowance as a child? How much was it?
I did, but I don’t remember how much.

5. What was the last thing you regret purchasing?
While I’m sure there are things since then that I’ve regretted purchasing, nothing really comes to mind, or at least nothing that can compare to the regret I sometimes feel about my Saab, for reasons detailed again and again throughout this journal. And even that is not unmitigated regret, as I really loved the car for the first several years I owned it, and part of me still does; I don’t regret any of the enjoyment I had with that gorgeous convertible, but I do hate the trouble and expense of the past two years.