fast money

Less than two weeks ago, on Thursday the 23rd, I posted about my decision to refinance my condo. Four days later, I posted that I’d signed the initial paperwork and had sent it to the loan agent, who told me that an appraisal would follow over the next few weeks with a closing by the end of November.

Well, I nearly have whiplash. Two days later the appraiser called and set up an appointment for yesterday; he was in and out of here in under ten minutes. Today the loan agent called to tell me the appraisal report already is in, I’ve been approved, and a notary will meet me at my condo this coming Friday afternoon to sign the papers. I’ll have completed this refinance from start to finish in somewhat less than two weeks and a day. Three business days later–next Wednesday–I’ll receive my cash-out check.

In addition to replacing the broken heat pump and dishwasher, and the car, an iPod really is starting to look like a really sweet possibility.

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