practicing what they’re preached

When looking at the GLCensus web site earlier today, after receiving an email about their partnership with Nielsen to conduct a three-day survey of GLBT TV viewership habits, I came across an interesting study from this summer that I’d missed at its original release.

According to the study, which asked respondents first if they belong to a religion and second if they consider themselves to be practicing, the more embracing a given religion or denomination is of GLBT issues the higher the percentage of practicing GLBT members of that religion, unsurprisingly. Of the top ten religions named, Catholicism was the specific religion claimed by the highest percentage of GLBT members, at 17.6%. Filling out the top ten, with between 4.3% and 2.3%, were Methodist, MCC, Episcopalian, Jewish, Baptist, Lutheran, Unitarian, Pagan and Presbyterian. However, 30.3%–more than any other single response–said they had no religious preference at all, while 6%–more than any except Catholicism–considered themselves to be atheists.

The highest percentages of those practicing their respective religion, however, came from Pagans at 84.6%, MCC at 79.4%, Unitarian at 66.7%, Episcopal at 57.6% and Jewish at 47.5%. And Catholics were the lowest among the top ten, with only 29.5% considering themselves to be practicing.