sick and tired

Another update about the past weekend involves my own health. Friday evening Jeff and I went briefly to Pentagon City after eating, but I started feeling very tired. When we got home, I had developed an increasingly uncomfortable and distracting headache in addition to the fatigue. I decided to lie down for a nap, but within an hour or so had developed excruciating pain–the most painful headache I can recall having, even including the migraines I experienced several years in my early twenties–and an increasing sense of restlessness and some slight disorientation. I nearly screamed aloud a couple of times from the pain–and I suspect I did moan once or twice–and also experienced some pretty intense visions (without the prophetic connotations, of course), first of a fully three-dimensional overflight of a forest with every leaf and needle clearly visible, and then of a beautiful series of cascading, rotating and soaring tapered cylinders of rainbow-colored light. A fascinating experience but for the pain.

As the headache worsened, I also began to feel increasingly nauseated. My first rushed trips to the toilet, though, as I began to feel that I was about to throw up, consisted only of vomiturition rather than any actual disgorgement. On my third trip, though, around 10:00, I experienced an explosive ejection of the entire day’s contents of my stomach. After that I began to feel a little better, though the headache didn’t entirely abate until I woke up the next morning, with an extremely mild queasiness that day the only sign that anything had been wrong at all.

Jeff was wonderful throughout. He brought me a cold compress for my head, sat next to me on the bed and held my hand through the worst of the pain. Considering all the things that have been happening to my family and me, I can’t quite believe how amazingly wonderful things are with Jeff, and almost effortlessly so. But get that gift horse away from me; I just want to enjoy this relationship without questioning it or expecting disaster.

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  1. Could be stress and worry, I get severe but short lived bouts of varying stomach ailments when I’m upset or worried. I just view it as a way of relieving stress. Glad to see that you recovered quickly.

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