be very afraid

I was just looking at my referrer log, and someone recently was referred to my site via a Dogpile search for “how to steal and capture souls.” Now, the page to which the search engine directed them here is just my photographs of myself, friends, family and travel, entitled “Stealing Souls”; fortunately for the acquaintances of this unknown searcher I don’t actually offer a how-to manual on the process of capturing others’ souls.

Other interesting searches that brought people here over the past few days–beyond the overwhelming majority who seem to be searching for lyrics to Stephen Lynch songs and a fair number apparently looking for shirtless pictures of Queer Eye’s Kyan–included “forearm prominent veins,” “contra dance naked,” “manscaping” and, more times than I might have expected, “elf clothes.”

One thought on “be very afraid

  1. This entry is made me laugh out loud. But if you’re *not* planning to offer tips on soul-stealing, how do you plan to hold on to your readership? (And do you think there are really that many elves who have to search for clothing online?)

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