it’s a small gay world

Off and on over the past few years I’ve maintained profiles (read, personal ads) on and Planet Out. And, in fact, my ex Terry and I, who were together over a year, met via our Planet Out profiles, so I had at least one success. Earlier this month, though, I cancelled both accounts–trying to save money where it seems especially wasteful, and I’m now off the market and hopeful–but they remain active through the end of this paid month.

Three times a week, sends me a list of ten profiles that it thinks I should check out. A few weeks ago, a friend of mine–fellow resident of my condo building, fellow squaredancer, and erstwhile fuck buddy (he is, after all, the gay sex equivalent of Kevin Bacon, Arlington’s own version of Brian Kinney)–appeared in the number one spot. In today’s email, that top spot was filled by Gene, from Just As I Thought.

One thought on “it’s a small gay world

  1. That type of phenomenon is reportedly very common among lesbians – though I’ve never experienced it myself – as there are a number of jokes based on it. (I belive Dykes to Watch Out For has had story arcs based on the same concept.)

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