nielsen “family”

Soon, very soon, I will have the power to mold the television-watching possibilities for a nation! Mwaha-ha-ha! Straight America, fear me!

I’ve been randomly selected as a Nielsen household for a week starting this Thursday. I am so going to program the TiVo to load up with queer programming for the week.

But don’t be surprised if in the future every network also starts carrying cartoons and an overdose of home improvement programming.

2 thoughts on “nielsen “family”

  1. Oh, God, PLEASE. NO MORE home improvement programs. Avoid reality shows, anything on Fox (except Futurama) and go for “Life with Bonnie” and “Judging Amy.” And anything with Alice Ghostley, please.
    But for the love of God, NO, NO, NO more HGTV. Ugh.

  2. Gene,
    For you, I’ll try to hold off on watching any HGTV or BBC-A reality programming for the week I’m filling out the diary. Futurama I already definitely watch. I’m not familiar with Life with Bonnie, but I’ll check it out. I never much cared for Judging Amy, though, especially after Dan Futterman left.

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