i’m just going through a phrase

Last night, Jeff and I were talking on the phone and he noted that he felt like he’d OD’ed on queer reality television that evening; I agreed, saying that after watching last week’s episode of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy repeated at 8:00, the premier of Boy Meets Boy at 9:00, and the new episode of Queer Eye at 10:00, I felt “like I need[ed] a cultural colonic.” I was so pleased with my own cleverness with that remark (granted, I was in a bizarrely manic, well-pleased-with-myself mood last night anyway, though for no particular reason that I could determine) that I wrote it down in order to remember it for blogging later. And googling the phrase “cultural colonic” returns zero results, so it’s mine, all mine.

Ok, so I can be a bit irrigating at times.

One thought on “i’m just going through a phrase

  1. [groans] Oh, Thom. Way to take the ball and pun with it. 😉
    But yeah, Bravo was as gay as a daisy in May last night. I got home halfway through Boy Meets Boy, then watched Queer Eye, and then the rerun of BMB since I’d missed the first half… I was shooshing down (or perhaps “zhuzh-ing,” to use a Kyanism) a queered möbius strip of “reality” programming.
    Hm, a “cultural colonic.” Will my insurance pay for that?

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