from herding cats to kill a kitten in four days

Cute funny guy Stephen Lynch is returning to the Birchmere the end of September.

And the terrific Irish band Gaelic Storm (the Titanic steerage band) will be performing there just four days earlier. You just gotta love a band whose featured sales item on their web site is not a t-shirt but a hip flask:

Gaelic Storm is proud to present these classy personal flasks. The band does NOT recommend that you buy these and fill them with several ounces of your favorite fine whiskey (We do NOT suggest either Bushmills or MacCallan 12 year old). Gaelic Storm also recommends NOT tucking them discreetly in a hip pocket or purse and NOT bringing them to our concerts. We strongly suggest NOT sipping from them frequently during the show and NOT passing them around for the enjoyment of your friends. We especially insist that you DON’T pass them up on stage to share thirsty band members. Really. Don’t. Don’t ever. Honest.

I guess I know what I’ll be doing at least two nights in September. And what I’ll be drinking.

One thought on “from herding cats to kill a kitten in four days

  1. Dude. You don’t know how many times I’ve said to myself: boy, I could use a flask. De rigueur for gentlemen-bloggers such as ourselves, n’est-ce pas? I so need to get one.

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