the blog is back

Yesterday morning, in the first of a number of incidents that made it a Bad Wish-I’d-Stayed-in-Bed Day, the database files for my MovableType installation were, for some reason, not working. This resulted in being unable to log in; to use the search engine; or to post new entries, comments or trackbacks. Some research in the MovableType manual and on the support boards suggested that it was most probable that my ISP had made changes either to their version of the Berkely DB Library or of Perl, such that the current version couldn’t read the database files created by an older version.

After a number of messages back and forth with my ISP throughout the day, around 11:00 last night they were able to update my database files and resolve the problem, and I didn’t lose any data. So, for better or worse, I’m back in business with barely a stutter.