go, canada

There’s another good reason today to emigrate to Canada. An appeals court ruled today that the country’s ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional, and Toronto’s city clerk was ordered to issue marriage licenses to the couples named in the original suit. This afternoon, following the ruling, Michael Leshner and Michael Stark were married.

Meanwhile, just a little more than a week earlier, six members of the U.S. House of Representatives (three Democrats and three Republicans) introduced the Federal Marriage Amendment, seeking to have the U.S. Constitution amended in order to permanently ban gay marriages from being recognized.

And those Canadian men and their accents are so cute, too. Anyone up there interested in hiring this Yank, eh?

3 thoughts on “go, canada

  1. Gee, here’s a wrinkle that almost never happens in heterosexual marriage – what happens when your spouse has the same name as you? “Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present Michael Leshner-Stark and Michael Leshner-Stark!”
    Oh, Canada, my dreamy, liberal land; true homo-love, in all your sons command!

  2. I’ll be happy to come with — I’m a hell of a cook and I can knit you sweaters for the colder winters! *grin* Canada looks more and more attractive with each passing day.

  3. Well, there’s at least the two of us, then… and probably Gene, since I know he likes the Canadian currency, and I assume you don’t want to leave Craig behind. Maybe we can get enough of us to qualify for a group emigration discount.

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