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“Is it just me?” he asks, “or do other people…?”, knowing the danger of that question in its answer “No… it’s just you.” At the risk of demonstrating just how singularly psychologically unbalanced I am, then, I ask, is it just me, or do other people sometimes find animated characters attractive? In my case, it’s certainly not harmed by–though by no means due to–the fact that I also often find the actors who give voice to these characters pretty sexy, too.

I was fast-forwarding my TiVo just now, and a trailer for the new Dreamworks Sinbad movie flashed on, and I hit the instant replay button in order to view it… because I think that the animated Sinbad, voiced by Brad Pitt, is really, um, hot… for a drawing. And he’s just one in a long line of cute cartoon beefcake that I’ve found appealing, from any number of Disney’s charming princes of my youth to today’s swashbuckling rogues; the appeal is not consciously a sexual one, though more than one of these characters have found their way into a dream or two.

To name just a few of note, there was the shirtless-under-his-vest Aladdin, in the eponymous 1992 Disney film, and the shirtless fairy Pips–voiced by Christian Slater–and miniaturized human Zak in Ferngully: The Last Rainforest, from the same year. 1999’s The Iron Giant gave us the goateed–mmm… goatees–beatnik Dean, voiced by Harry Connick, Jr. And 2000 was a banner year, giving us bare cartoon male butt, in the Matt Damon-voiced Cale, the protagonist of Titan A.E., and in what seemed the rather homoerotic duo of Tulio and Miguel, voiced by Kevin Kline and Kenneth Brannagh, as they bathed naked in a hot spring in The Road to El Dorado.

Or maybe it’s just that tonight, for a change, I’m feeling somewhat… animated.

From Arlington, Virginia, this is Thom. And you’ve been listening to Elf-Indulgent Radio.

6 thoughts on “elf-indulgent radio: what are /you/ drawn to?

  1. Hee. It’s not just you. By the way, I never got around to seeing most of those movies… so thanks for the, umm, suggestive movie suggestions. 😉

  2. GOD no, it’s not just you. {giggles} Particularly in anime. But …
    …Zak was not _nearly_ as cute as Christa’s brother. Even if he was a jerk. I forget his name, though.

  3. Let’s see: Moe Syzlak after his plastic surgery comes to mind. Phoebus in “Hunchback,” and the surfer guy in “Lilo and Stitch.” Yum.

  4. Ah, right on, Gene. How could I forget the Lilo & Stitch surfer guy? That boy is hella fine. Ha. Is it so weird to say I wish I looked like a cartoon character? Heh heh. (And I just found this out: his voice is provided by Jason Scott Lee. Yum again.) 😉

  5. Dar… I think you mean Pips, with pointy ears, long red hair and voiced by Christian Slater, to whom I did refer in the piece. I agree that he was definitely cuter than Zak, but I don’t think he was Crysta’s brother; I always thought he was a little in love with Crysta himself, since he seemed jealous of her attention to Zak.
    I haven’t seen Lilo & Stitch yet, so I’ll have to add that to my list.
    In the process of looking for pictures of Pips (not the best quality screencaps) just now, I came across a site called Animated Lust, which purports to show sexy, lovable and fun animated characters, though it seems to be more comprehensive than that. While there, I also was reminded of Dmitri (John Cusack) from Anastasia, the two pretty-boy Johns (Smith and Rolfe) from Pocahontas, the Cary Elwes-voiced Garrett from Quest for Camelot, and my favorite gay couple from my youth, Dr. Quest and Race Bannon <grin> .

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