sunday cruddy sunday

The weekend went by too quickly, and not particularly enjoyably. Saturday, as I’d already noted, I was at the office from 8 to 3, overseeing a server move. Even though I wasn’t actually doing the work, but was just there as a supervisor, I returned home inordinately exhausted, and ended up napping a couple of hours in the late afternoon. I never used to nap, but lately I find myself feeling like I need one almost every weekend. Is it just an affect of aging?

Yesterday, I got up early again, in case I got called back into the office for any problems (the staff were supposed to call me Saturday night to let me know their progress, but hadn’t). Even though there wouldn’t be much I could personally do to help, I stressed out all day about what was going on, but didn’t have any way to reach them to check without physically coming back to the office. I hadn’t yet gotten the tire patched from the bolt or nail that I picked up on Friday evening, so I couldn’t drive over, and I didn’t particularly feel like walking. It turns out that they did run into some snags, and were here long hours, but things were back up and running this morning, only about 45 minutes later than usual.

Roger had asked that I make some time to spend online with him on Sunday, assuming that I wasn’t at work, and I had agreed that I would try. But by the time Sunday rolled around, I was feeling too tired and asocial; I also developed another one of my bad headaches around 3 or so, not as bad as the migraines I had during college but still greatly affecting my ability to concentrate and my mood, and not responsive to any analgesic. I ended up just resting most of the day, and didn’t even get around to playing online or posting in the journal. By the time I finished dinner, all I could manage to do was type a quick apology to Roger in Yahoo! Chat and crawl onto the futon, where I rested fitfully for a few hours before managing to get up, brush my teeth and fall into bed, where the headache continued to wake me several times until about 3am, after which it finally abated and I slept until the alarm went off at 7.

So, even though I got a fair amount of sleep yesterday and last night, it must not have been particularly restful, as I’m still feeling rather zoned out today at work.