saturday thoughts

Today’s been a quiet day, spent entirely at home. I haven’t even changed out of the t-shirt and lounge pants I put on when I first got up–not all that long ago. Last night I was in one of my sleepless moods, so I stayed up until 6am, and then slept in until around 2pm this afternoon.

Roger and Raymond aren’t home this weekend. They got an invitation from a guy we met in TSO and later in There to come spend the weekend with him and his partner in Long Beach, and were going to be spending the day today in Disneyland. Even though Roger lives in Tucson, we’re usually in daily contact, especially in the evenings and on the weekends when I can have Yahoo! Messenger online. So it’s especially quiet today with him out of cyber-touch and busy with new friends.

I’ve been working on computer stuff, making some tweaks to the journal code so that it would validate for XHTML 1.0 Transitional, and consolidating all the little style bits and pieces into the main style sheet which I then also validated.

I’ve also been doing some Photoshopping today, churning out some additional buttons for my site to accompany the ones I’ve taken from Steal These Buttons!. I’ve submitted five or six of the new ones I created today to that site.

I spent some time reading most of my regular progressive news sources, but all the current political news is so damn depressing, and I don’t have any novel spin to offer, so I’ll leave that today for the other bloggers who continue to do it justice.

Tomorrow I have conflicting potluck dinner engagements at the UU church. The covenant group year is coming to a close, so all the covenant groups are getting together for a potluck, and to find out what the discussion series overriding and individual topics will be for next year. But at the same time, we’re graduating our two 8th-grade sex-ed classes. I hadn’t realized until yesterday that the graduation was this weekend, since we still have another week of class after this one, but apparently since next weekend is Memorial Day weekend (already?!), the coordinator thought it would be better to have graduation tomorrow evening. So I’m not sure what I’ll do, since I’m a covenant group leader as well as an instructor for the class. Since both dinners are physically at the church, I may just bop back and forth between the two events. At the same time, I find myself not really wanting to do either one–blasted disaffection! cursed ennui!