rain date

Monsoon WeddingWhile I’m on the topic of rain, over the long weekend, I rented and watched Mira Nair’s Monsoon Wedding, a richly colored, evocatively joyful, well-scored (by Mychael Danna), wonderful film. Admittedly, my appreciation of it certainly wasn’t hurt by the several very yummy men in the film–like Parvin Darbas as the intended groom in the eponymous wedding, and Randeep Hooda as the recently-returned student from Sydney. While I have very eclectic and fairly catholic tastes in men, I often find Indian men (and other similarly dark and/or swarthy types–Mediterranean, Arabic and Semitic) particularly attractive. Maybe I should go husband-hunting in Delhi.

Then, on Tuesday, co-workers Tatiana and Tim and I had lunch at Matuba’s. On the way there, I told them about the movies I’d rented and watched, and Tim shared that he’d also enjoyed Monsoon Wedding, was now watching another Indian film–Lagaan–he’d just rented, and had put together a CD mix with music from Monsoon and some Bollywood sources. This morning I came back from a series of meetings to find a copy of the CD on my chair, and I’ve been sitting here tonight listening to it, and enjoying it very much.