puss in boots… and hats, and hair, and…

After seeing this first on boing boing a few days ago and then again today at Neil Gaiman’s journal, I have to pass it on. The pictures and the Japanglish are priceless, as are the happy, dancing cartoon cats–especially in comparison to the sullen, almost incredulous look on the faces of the real cats. Of course, Alex would quickly relieve me of a quantity of blood if I tried to dress him in any of these outfits.

The Anne of Green Gables costume especially cracks me up.

And remember:

1.You need to dress a cat. And you will say to a cat together with a family. “It has changed just for a moment”. [ “it being very dear” or ] You will pass pleasant one time.

2. If a family and a cat become fortunate, you will take a commemorative photo! Therefore, please photo your cat lovelily with much trouble.

3. If it finishes taking a photograph, you will make it remove clothes from a cat immediately. You will say then, without forgetting the language of gratitude to a cat…