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I noted earlier this week that I had retaken the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment, as part of the leadership training course I’m attending at work, and that my type had been reconfirmed as INFP. I had talked to Roger about the MBTI before, and after getting my results back on Tuesday, we chatted about it for quite a while that night. Since then, he’d been getting more interested in it. I guessed that he was likely either an ISTJ or INTJ, and I was leaning toward ISTJ. But after asking him some questions to try to get at that axis, it started to sound like he was more likely an INTJ.

So today he took one of the online assessment tools, and it turns out that he is indeed an INTJ, though the preference for N over S is a slight one.

Normally, I don’t think I’m very good at guessing or analyzing other people’s MBTI types. But I think I know Roger well enough–and his T and J preferences are just so clearly defined–to have been pretty sure; I also pegged him as an Enneagram 5, which he turned out to be. I was wrong about Matt, though, having guessed that he would be an Enneagram 4 like me, but he also turned out to be a 5.

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  1. As we have talked about before, I am a ISTJ and very firm on each one (8,10, 8, 9).
    I was curious enought after we started talking about it to actually pay money to have my extended study done. Having high numbers on each score I had thought that the profile would fit me to a T. However, there are several profile points that are completely out of the range of my personality. The main ones being ‘trusting authority and joining groups’ – makes me wonder about it as a whole.
    On the other hand, it’s a nice warm fuzzy feel good knowing that Roger is close to my own score. Must be why we get alone so well 😀

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