is he or isn’t he?

Today was day four of the leadership training class at work; tomorrow’s the last day. I’ve actually enjoyed this class quite a lot, but it’s exhausting. Yesterday I had some particularly fun: the facilitators turned the tables on us at one point, and had each of our small groups present one part of the performance management cycle. My table selected me to do the presentation, and I got to really ham it up… even got a round of applause.

There’s a guy in this training class–a foreign service officer–who strongly pinged my gaydar within the first five minutes of day one, because of his extraordinarily flamboyant speech, mannerisms and body language. However, he is wearing a wedding band and has mentioned his wife and children several times as well. The first time he said “wife,” I nearly fell out of my chair in shock. Today he was wearing a gorgeous aubergine shirt, and he has used the phrase “drama queen” at least twice this week when referring to former colleagues–do straight men say “drama queen”? He did turn out to be a strong Extravert on the MBTI, though, so maybe a lot of what I’ve thought was being projected as “gay” was just “loud” or “dramatic,” though the speech patterns and tone really do just scream Fire Island and community theatre.