in the house

It’s been a mostly grey, somewhat gloomy day starting off what promises to be a mostly grey, rather gloomy weekend. The pool at my condo building officially opened today but even if I were the swimming pool type (I don’t think I’ve been in the pool here in at least two years), it was too cool and soggy to spend any time down there today. And since the bedroom windows and the balcony all overlook the pool, I get to enjoy those rare occasions when there actually are cute guys down there, without actually having to leave the comfort of my air-conditioning.

Unlike the bulk of D.C.’s queers, who have headed to Rehoboth for the Memorial Day weekend start of the beach season, or even Gene, who has been spending the day cleaning, or Jeff, who has been cooking and who is also preparing to spend part of the weekend in New York, though, I am being an unindustrious, antisocial slob this weekend.

On the way home last night, I stopped by the grocery store and stocked up on $100 worth of frozen dinners, snack foods, and Diet Dr. Pepper. This afternoon I walked to the library to return the four books I read last week, and to pick up four more, along with this week’s Blade and three CDs, including the soundtrack to Jekyll & Hyde, which seems to be a favorite of Roger’s. Then I walked to the Video Warehouse on Glebe, where I bought a previously viewed copy of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and checked out four other movies: Star Trek: Nemesis, the obligatory science-fiction fluff, which I just finished watching; Monsoon Wedding, the obligatory foreign wedding comedy; Kissing Jessica Stein, the obligatory queer film; and Y Tu Mam

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  1. Now, now. There’s something to be said for being unindustrious and antisocial.
    Enjoy the movies. I love Kissing Jessica Stein. Not only is it queer and witty, but it features a swingy jazz soundtrack, which I really dig.

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