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OK. This seems to be the meme of the week among several of the blogs I read regularly (including Just As I Thought and Digital Flotsam. I’ve been using the Enneagram as a tool for personal development for a number of years, and had posted my results on the personality page of my web site. But I decided to take it again using this online test to see if the results were consistent, and just for the hell of it. The 4w5 seems to be spot on, and that’s the result I’ve gotten each time I’ve taken the test in other forms. The idea of a “mean type,” though, seems unique to this particular test and theorist, and is not as aptly descriptive as my main type; it seems clear, though, that I’m definitely a four.

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  1. Interesting site. I took the shorter test and this was my result: “Your main personality is Type 9w1 Your mean personality is Type 1w9.”

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