dream log: may 20 – the old frontier | tomophobe

I remembered two dreams this morning. In one of them, Roger and I found a way into the past, and we were visiting the Wild West. Roger won $3022 in a poker game in the saloon, and we were trying to decide what to do with it, whether to spend it there or bring it back with us to the present. We were walking down the street, and the town had just opened a bank, and simultaneously light bulbs (like in There) appeared over both our heads. We went in, opened an account, and deposited the money, realizing that by the time we got back to the present, the compound interest would have made us millionaires.

Sheldon and Lisa were there, too. There was a danceroom at the saloon/bordello, and when we stopped by there to get some punch, Sheldon was dancing with a tall, stunning, red-headed transvestite.

In the second dream, I was somewhere down near Springfield, and my car broke down. My cell phone wasn’t charged, so I began walking, and came upon a shopping center. It was a rainy night, and the stores were closed, but I found a custodial area where some homeless man had made a bed, and he invited me to charge my phone in the electrical outlet there. While I was doing so, I heard lots of crowd noises–applause and yelling–so I went to see what was going on. It was a political rally, and Tom DeLay (though in the dream the posters all said Tom Daschle, but that was just a ruse) had announced his candidacy for the presidency, and he was delivering a rousing anti-gay speech, to massive cheers.