babbling brooke

One of my very favorite singer-songwriters, Jonatha Brooke, was featured on the “Live in Studio 4A” segment of NPR’s All Things Considered yesterday. Interestingly, I missed this segment yesterday, but was listening to Jonatha’s CDs last night, before I even knew that she had been in town and in the NPR studios.

Jonatha performed a number of her solo works–including “War,” a song about the media circus of the first Gulf War, written in 1991 but recently recorded due to its very timely subject matter (the audio link MP3 is downloadable from Brooke’s site)–as well as songs from her time as part of The Story, a folk duo with Jennifer Kimball. Audio clips and video link a RealMedia video clip from the segment are available on the site.

Her latest album, Steady Pull, was released in 2001.