at least the vet didn’t tell me i have to bathe him

Ok, so it’s bad enough that I–an intelligent, gainfully employed, reasonably attractive gay man–live alone with my cat. To add injury to insult, I’m now supposed to simultaneously hold said cat still, tilt its head up, get one of its eyes open and keep it open, and squeeze a half-inch bead of antibiotic ointment onto the surface of said eye? A cat that still has every single one of its claws?

I really should’ve gone for the pet rock.

5 thoughts on “at least the vet didn’t tell me i have to bathe him

  1. I admit that I laughed at the thought of seeing that image – I can see one my dogs, who is incredibly stubborn, doing something similar except his weapon of choice would be his teeth. So, what did the Vet say about the blood pooled behind the cornea?

  2. Well, she’s really not sure; that’s why she has recommended that I take Alex to the veterinary ophthalmology specialist. She believes that the lens has luxated, but whether this is causal or symptomatic isn’t clear. Obviously, a hyphema usually is resultant from some trauma to the eye. Alex is an indoor-only cat, though, and pretty much stays by me when I’m home; I was home all weekend, and as far as I know nothing happened to him before I noticed the blood.

  3. Get out your beach towel and wrap him up good before you attempt to squirt him in the eye. He won’t like it, but he’ll probably get over it before your scratches could heal.

  4. Tira: Thanks for the thoughts.
    Raney: Actually, I overstated the implication of scratching a little bit… not that he doesn’t do that even in his best moods and at play, but so far this week he hasn’t tried to scratch me while I’m putting the ointment on his eye. Rather, the problem is that he wriggles and twists so, trying to get away or keep his head out of my grasp, while I’m trying to do something that really requires three and preferably four hands rather than just my two. I’ve tried the towel thing in the past, but he fights that so strongly–he hates being covered up by anything; he won’t even get under the blankets on the bed, and fights any blanket or towel you try to drape over him–that it’s almost easier just to try to do it without, rather than fight first to get him in the towel and then again to hold the towel-and-him still.

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