treats from tucson

When I left Tucson from my visit to see Roger and Raymond a few weeks ago, I left behind a little gift Roger had gotten for me, a tiny shoe carved out of ironwood–to him, it looked like an “elf shoe,” which made him think of me. To me, it looks like a clown’s shoe–bulbously rounded toe rather than sharply pointed–but it’s the thought that counts, and Roger’s very thoughtful. I only left it behind because it had been batted off the coffee table and under the sofa by one of the cats, and I didn’t realize this when I picked up all my other graft from the table to put in my luggage.
After I got back home and discovered I didn’t have it, Roger looked for it and found it where Benny had left it after playing with it. He told me he’d send it to me. Earlier this week he told me he’d put the box in the mail–along with my “CD” (which confused me at the time)–and that I’d have it by Thursday or Friday.
Today when I got home from work, the package was waiting for me… a larger package than I expected. When I opened it, I found inside a DVD of Some Like It Hot, which he and I had been discussing based on a photo he took of the Hotel del Coronado, and which he was surprised to learn I’d never seen all the way through. Additionally, there were three bags of (yummy, ’cause I’ve already eaten one) ginger snaps, one of my two favorite kinds of homemade cookies, and a woven wooden basket with the shoe inside.
What a treat! And what a surprise to get all these other little gifts besides just the shoe. What a sweetheart.
Oh, and he just told me in IM that when he saw the basket, it said “Elf Picnic Basket” to him, so he had to get it.